Addictive Drums 2 blocking other media

Hey everyone!

I’m having an issue where Addictive Drums 2 prevents other media (both audio and video) from playing at the same time the AD2 app is open. This includes the lesson tracks, spotify, youtube, zoom (this one was catastrophic for an interview and how I first figured out something was up. AD2 had been left running in the background). Any known solutions out there?

Edit: I downloaded Voice Meeter Banana which allowed multiple audio channels to function at the same time!


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Not sure I’ve experienced that but I’ve only played with the demo. I was using an audio interface though which may have made a difference.

Hey, that’s kinda normal behaviour in de audio world. Usually one program takes control over the audio processor and while it is possible to switch between programs, it’s really hard to run multiple things at once because it very quickly end up with mixed signals.

This is an oversimplification but let’s say a program wants to run the audio in 48khz at 24 bit and the other program runs at 44.1 kHz at 16 bit.

The audio interface will not know what to do at that point. And what might happen is that it keeps switching sample rates and bit rates, making the audio in another program drop.

My setup for doing a livestream while also being on my computer playing addictive drums actually goes via a standalone external streaming box because of this. The streaming software does not run on the computer while my audio software does.

Duncan: I too have a Digital Audio Interface. Just needed the additional software I guess.

Robert: That makes some sense. Thanks for the explanation!

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If you use ASIO, there is actually a distinction between exclusive mode (only one source can use your audio interface) or shared mode. Not all drives / devices support this equally well.

There’s the free KoordASIO driver which works with most devices and lets you choose the mode. With my own audio interface, I usually don’t have troubles playing from multiple sources at the same time, but you may want to check that every source is using the same sample rate!