Ableton live "live set" with drums laid out for lessons

Does anyone have a good Ableton “Live Set” they could upload with pads that go along with the video lessons? I’ve noticed that the drum racks that you click and drag into the midi channel follow the Midi positioning rules which probably aren’t as ergonomic as those taught here. Or maybe there’s a handy feature for adapting their default layout that I don’t know about?

Hey I could be mistaken about what you need, but could it be a preset like the one found in this topic? It’s a drumrack thing made by a student named Ras:

That works great, thanks! Just to get started quick, I used the built-in ‘Selector Kit Clean’ drum rack for sound. The tricky part is adding that preset to the User Library. To see the system path of the library follow:

File → Manage Files → Manage User Library

And then copy pasting Ras’ work, into /Users/USER_NAME/Music/Ableton/User Library/Presets/MIDI Effects/MIDI Effect Rack/QFGroove Midi Rack 0.adg made it show up as a MIDI Effect that could be click and dragged onto my drums.

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Awesome, good additional information here!