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And I thought I fixed all of my typos. Unfortunately I still type with my two pointer digits. Nice and slow. Maybe after this I should take a typing class. The very low price of $19.99 not $99. Although $99 a month would still be worth it. I’ll be purchasing the full upgrade here n couple days. Honestly though man, whole system you have going is top notch. I’ll do my best to spread the word. And thank you.

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Let me know if you have questions or need motivation or anything like that!

From Sawssman:

so glad i found this guy early on in my finger drumming career. of all the channels ive found, this guy is by far the best for me. if there are any newbies looking for somone to learn from, this is it. just dont give up

Source (youtube comment): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m2CkMfQYDRg

Allow me to say I never do testimonials - EVER!
However, when something THIS good comes along …
I have done some ‘thorough homework’ with regards to other courses/material and in the end, they have nothing on the ‘Labor of Love’ Rob has put in to The Quest for Groove!
Rob, you are the most thorough teacher I have ever come across!
Your care and dedication to detail is astonishing!
I am so impressed that I’ve upgraded from a monthly to a yearly subscription.
Please don’t ever stop what you are doing and know that your commitment to our success and enjoyment is deeply appreciated!


Wow, thank you! A message like this really helps to keep the fire burning. I hope you’ll learn a lot!