Is it possible to connect several musical instruments to maschine mk3 at the same time?

Hey guys, recently I’ve been playing with a hip-hop singer who plays the guitar and I’m making beats on the drum pad of the maschine mikro mk3. I’m thinking of upgrading to a maschine mk3, will I be able to connect both a guitar and a microphone at the same time to the inputs of the maschine mk3 and hear them live?

Hey, the Maschine mk3 has an audio interface on board. So you still need to hook it up to a computer, but then it will work the same way as a regular audio interface, like a Focusrite Scarlett solo or something.

The midi controller part (the pads) will just work at the same time. You will need to set everything up the same way as setting up a recording rig on your computer with any other audio interface, because that’s just what the mk3 is. An audio interface with an onboard midi controller :slight_smile:

Oh… wait. It says on the manual that you cannot use the mic and line inputs at the same time!!

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I read that too, but it sounds weird that’s why I’m asking. I need someone with a maschine mk3 to check before I buy the device

I can look, but if Native Instruments says it can only use one input channel a a time, it’s probably true. I know some other audio interfaces that do the same thing. Where you pick between the mic inputs or the line inputs and you cannot use both. It’s simply a cheaper design.

I’ll be home at the end of the month and then I could doublecheck.

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Thank you very much! miss your videos You used to upload a lot of material

Yeah the lessons got less traction on Youtube so I lost motivation make more of them. I think I’ve shared most of what I know already and I now mostly want to make the curriculum on the website the best it can be.


This week I performed for the first time and it was amazing! Just so you know it’s all thanks to you! Thank you very much for everything.


Hey wonderful!!! This makes my day, thank you!

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