Testimonials / Results

Ok. First and foremost let me say that your attention to detail is impeccable. It really shows that you actually care about what you’re doing. And that is awesome. So much free content its crazy. I signed up for the course like 2 days ago and just now tonight I realized that I still haven’t even started the course and that I was still finishing up the free lesson. Now to what I really wanted to talk about. Over the past year I’ve dipped in and out of Melodics. Which got me to a great basic solid foundation. I realized after a while that unless they dramatically changed their program I most likely wasn’t going to get much further skill wise. I needed actual instruction. I needed practice routines to use every day. I needed some basic knowledge on Acoustic drums. I really wanted some grooves broken down to me from someone who knew what they were doing. I have searched the inter web over the years from time to time and come across random YouTube videos. I had seen a few of your videos, which I always enjoyed but for some reason never found the absolute treasure chest that is QFG. And if anybody else is reading this let me tell you this web page and course is pretty amazing. and the price for what you are getting blew me away. Moving on, before I found QFG I came across another course from another YouTuber I had seen from time to time. He is an amazing finger drummer. Like one of the best Ive seen, at least one that makes videos on Youtube. He has a basic course and a master class course that he was offering. A 1 month basic course for like $99 and then the 10 week masterclass for $280. Which sounded expensive at first but then I thought 10 weeks of having this guy coach me. I guess I’m in. His video testimonials of prior students all said he was a game changer. Well let me say I learned a fair amount of knowledge from his masterclass. But I did it in 2 days. Let me repeat…2 DAYS. Mostly it was just low budget videos of him showing some basic acoustic drum warm ups, basic knowledge about timing, tempo, rudiments, and a fair amount more. For his course I would say I left feeling as though I paid way too much for what I actually got. And I don’t necessarily feel like it’s his fault. Not everybody is meant to teach. Although his teaching wasn’t bad. He explained things very well. It all just felt very rushed. I guess I’ll say not everybody is meant to develop masterclasses on a webpage and display it to the masses as a quality product they feel comfortable selling for $280. But to him he is sharing over 18 years of knowledge he most likely worked his ass off to attain. So to me although his masterclass presentation wasn’t worth the money I still think his info and passion was worth it. Plus like this page you become a lifelong member to watch new videos and on line chats and stuff. That brings us to yesterday when I stumbled onto another QFG video on Youtube. Only this time I realized there was an actual website. Which is clearly announced all the time throughout the videos Im just a sufferer from selective hearing, says my mother at least. When I found the class that Robert was offering I got pretty excited. Another Finger Drumming class. this good news. Another perspective. More info. After watching the breakdown of the course and seeing Roberts attention to detail I thought well this class is going at the very least cost what the other one did. I just dropped $280 and at the moment Im not willing to take chance. I sure did wish there was a few different payment options. And low ad behold there was. $19.99 for a month seemed like a great price for me to at least see what’s actually being offered and if I like I then ill pay for the yearly subscription. Which I also liked because that told me that this “class” doesn’t really “end”. Constant instruction for much less than what I just previously paid for. So I signed up and once again, and I can’t stress this enough, this course literally offered everything I felt I needed and beyond. It’s almost as if the man read my mind. The breakdowns of each lesson with examples, music backing tracks, even sheet music if you want. I couldn’t believe it. I haven’t even started the actual course yet . Can you tell I’m pumped up about this. One would think I had already finished with all this info Im sharing. You can tell Robert cares about what he’s doing here. It’s extremely genuine. And anybody that puts as much heart, soul, and hard work into a product as Robert has, well they can just take my money and attention every time. Really he should charging at least double what he is charging if not more. Just based on how much info and detail he is displaying honestly I could see this class going for $400-$600 more than what he’s offering. After I paid $280 for the previous class this course seemed like an absolute no brainer. And really that isn’t me trying downplay the other course from the other guy. His class was cool. But its just hard to compare when put up against QFR. Really it’s not even close. QFG is like a real college course on finger drumming. ok I just wrote a damn novel. Just wanted to make sure I conveyed my recent experience to the best of my ability because I AM appreciative for both courses. Just that this one kicks serious ass. The End