Nice drum part to break down

Hi, Robert. Could you please consider breaking down sometime this song: Teddy Swims - Tennessee Whiskey (Live From Our Basement) - YouTube

I really like the drumpart. Unfortunately I can’t read notes (the only thing I could find on the internet). Would be nice to have at least tabs.

Awesome course by the way. Can’t thank you enough.


Hey Skillneedee, I can look at it and see if I can quickly give you the basics in one of the livestreams. Is that a good idea? A full lesson with diagrams I probably don’t have time for right now.

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Hey I just realised… This drum beat is a lot like this song from D’Angelo that I made a lesson about:

I also made a monthly challenge with a similar beat over here:

Let me know if these work for you!

The second one is best to get some nice variations in.

basics will be good. I can hear the main beat i think. It’s the fills that sounds very cool. Maybe later if you have time you could do the whole thing (big if of course)

Check out the lessons I just mentioned above. The second one with some variations going from hi hat to ride. I think you’ll like it.

The main difference is the speed… you have to learn those beats and then slow them down.

yeah, the second one is actually what i had in mind. I did this one. But in that song I suggest I’m interested in breaking down the fills. They completely different from what’s in that march challenge.

Ok, good to know, I’ll talk about those in the livestream in 2 weeks!

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Actually I really wish you could make another building fills course like you mentioned that at some point in that course. May be more advanced techniques. And also course how to make your own beats would be great. I’m not a musician and to come up with my own beat variations is just something I can’t get right in my head. So some guideline would be awesome. Thank you very much for all you’re doing here.

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Right, linear fills… I must admit that I almost never use those myself. I just stick to the concepts in building fills and next level beats but sometimes make them longer.

So instead of just doing RllRllRL, I do: RllRllRL-RLRL-RRLRRL

That gives that next level fill vibe, but what you’re doing is just 3 rudiments after one another :slight_smile:

I have a nice fill buildup in the upcoming monthly challenge and some other cool fills in the one after that, so stay tuned!

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i definitely will. Thanks

Hey, I tried addressing this song in the livestream just now: April 2022 livestreams [RECAP]

It was a little harder than usual to do the stream because my main computer is in repair, so there might be some annoying things like the drums being a little too loud and my voice being soft, but I hope this will still help you!

Hey Rob. Thanks a lot. Really appreciate it. It helps a lot.
Just wanted to say that you kindda didn’t get the most interesting part of the beat though.
Yes, now with your help I understand the main parts. But if could at some point, maybe next stream, also explain these parts (Teddy Swims - Tennessee Whiskey (Live From Our Basement) - YouTube):
4:02 and then cymbals
4:50 sounds cool

I just can’t understand how to approach these particular techniques.

In anycase thank you for your time and all the help. You’re the best. I understand how much time it takes to make all this stuff (I’m a content creator as well and I know how even a little thing could take a whole day to make)


Ah yeah I see what you mean. That’s an interesting thing to talk about. Will do that in the next one!

Just recorded the explanation:

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