Maschine Mikro pad lights

Good Day,

How do you get the pads to change color when they are triggered?
We are trying get get a more prominent change to show patterns when showing each other our latest grooves.

I have looked, but obviously not in the correct location.


Hey Ted,

Check it out over here!

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Thank you very much Robert,

I didn’t have the “color mode” set to “dual” allowing the triggered color change.

Its kinda obvious now,


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I’ve actually used this section to in order to customise the pads to work with Melodics as well…using the ‘Quest for Groove’ layout…so it is a great part of the Maschine software with all the options in there!

If anyone needs to know the matching Midi numbers I could post this sometime. (That took a bit of trial and error!)

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I noticed a strange thing about Mikro Mk3 pad lights. As posted elsewhere, I recently bought both Mikro Mk3 and Mikro 2 controllers. Both seem very responsive but there is quite a difference in the subjective feel of the pads - the Mk2 seems softer but perhaps a bit more responsive than the MM3. As an objective comparison I dropped a 5c coin weighing about 3g edgewise on each pad from a height of about 2 cm. On every Mk2 pad the light came on showing a very even response across the pad set. Tried the same on the MM3 and got no lights! I then opened midi monitor on my PC and saw that the MM3 was in fact recording some very low velocities (between 5 and 15%) for each coin drop but the light was not coming on until about 25 to 30% reached. Does anyone know if there is a way to adjust this in software?

I think the pad lights are a little dimmer at lower velocities. In controller editor you can set the overall brightness, but I don’t think you can set the brightness of the response at lower velocities.

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Thx Rob, I’ll see if adjusting the overall brightness makes a difference.