Finger Drumming Hero

After hours of setup, Finger Drumming Hero is up and running (Software: Clone Hero - Drum sound: Superior Drummer 3)

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This is so cool! I downloaded it once and gave up :smiley: Wasn’t patient enough to get it up and running… I suspect it will be hard to just give people your version and that it then just works right… it’s probably a hassle for everyone who tries to work with it to get it up and running.

If that was super easy, I would start promoting it right away!

Nice job playing too by the way.

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I spent a few hours to setup but I can say that it’s easy now that I understand how it works, as soon as I have some time I will do a tutorial to configure the software, a midi controller and have VST drum sound

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Just beginning with finger drumming and purchased an AKAI MPD218 based onsome of your videos. I enjoyed going through your beginner course and am seriously considering signing up in Premium. One question - can you help with a layout that makes sense for this Clone Hero game? It works well and they have a great collection of charted songs. Seems like if I use this (with the right pad layout) along with your courses I’d be able to learn some really great songs.

Thanks for what you’ve provided so far, and for what may come inthe future!

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Hey, it looks to me like the nasic kick snare hi hat layout is:
Snare on the left
Hihat next to it
Kick as some sort of line across the entire fret
Cymbal all the way to the right.

Ofcourse this is not the same as my layout, but since it’s a guitar neck you cannot really copy it 1 on 1.

I hope this helps! I personally haven’t gotten it up and running, so for the setup you might need @Sakakum

Rock on!