Counting Triplets

I just took a lesson where you showed triplets.
After that I noticed myself counting triplets to music I was listening to.
Some songs it’s sounded nice others it didn’t match with the beat.
My question is, can most songs be counted in triplets and 4/4?

While you can count triplets over almost any beat, if the other parts of the song are not triplets it might not match up well, or it might sound like “too much” and become a bit chaotic. It might also be hard to “stay in your lane” while counting triplets if at the same time there’s a guitar part or a hihat or something like that clearly playing 16th notes in groups of 4. It’s possible, but it might clash.

This might make things more confusing and please say so if that’s the case, so I might see if I can find another example, but you might want to look at this video:

It basically illustrates how to put a grouping of 3 in between each metronome click and how to put a grouping of 4 in between each metronome click and then both at the same time.

This is basically something that can always be done. Anything can be divided into a group of 3 (triplets for example) or 4 (16th notes for example) and sometimes you can do both at the same time and you get this interesting rhythm. But sometimes, depending on the exact pattern that’s played, combining the 2 is just a bit much and will not sound good.