Buzz roll technique?

How are people approaching doing rolls or buzz rolls? What kind of techniques are you using?
I found for double taps rolling my fingers on my 8x8 pad is easier than the little wrist shake technique. But going for a buzz roll I can’t seem to do.

Video for reference:

You cannot do it without stick bounce unfortunately. But on an 8x8 you can do something like I demonstrate in. this video:


I tried the “drag” technique in your video and works great! thanks!
I moved it to the side of my main snare so I go horizontally across instead.
I’m actually finding it a great alternative for double taps. In fact I prefer it to the finger rolls I was doing. I kinda feel like I’m cheating.

I can’t actually do the double taps with the technique you use of shaking your wrist. I’m now wondering if I’m doing myself a disservice by not learning that technique and just using the “drag” technique?

Not sure about full drum rolls with it though. Still sounds bit “fake”.

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There’s nothing wrong with finger rolls! If they work for you I would for sure use them. I would advise you to come back to the shake technique in say 2 months or something and try again. Maybe it will click. All of these techniques are handy to have. The finger roll, the drag and the shake. Ideally you can use them all when it suits you.

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