Ableton Lite 10 vs Addictive Drums vs Superior Drummer

Hello again,

I was exploring Robert’s advice on drumming software and see that AD2 and SD look very good and easy to use. I do have a couple of questions:

i) I have Ableton 10 Lite that I got with my midi keyboard and am currently using the Ableton’s Drum rack for my pads (I mixed it up a bit choosing select sounds). How does Ableton’s Drum Rack compare to AD2 or SD? Is there a clear advantage of using these non-Ableton software?

ii) If yes, is it easy to interact between Ableton and external drumming software, i.e. to copy beats etc? Any compatibility issues etc?

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Hey Vlad,

First of all, there is a topic about using the drum rack with Ableton. Some tips on how to set tings up and a preset made by another QFG student that allows for better routing in Ableton: Ableton Drum Effects Rack for finger drumming

So I think the above topic might answer question 2 (I’m not sure, I’m not an ableton user but I think this is what you’re looking for)

The difference between drum rack and AD2 or SD3 is the realism of the sounds. If I oversimplify things a bit, you could say that drum rack is a bunch of drum samples and AD2 and SD3 are drum simulators. So they have all kinds of stuff under the hood that make things sounds like a real drum kit when you’re playing. Things like multiple samples (if you hit a snare multiple times it’s never the same sample) and velocity layers (a loud hit is a sample of the drummer actually hitting hard instead of the volume just going up).

It makes a big difference, but whether it’s ‘better’ depends on what you like. It’s not like “samples” are bad. They just sound different than a fake ‘real’ drum kit. For me personally the creative juices start flowing when I feel like the kit responds to my playing in a more natural way and in those cases AD2 and SD3 (I prefer AD2) do a great job!

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Thanks Robert! I will try AD2 these days for sure.


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