4x2 pad layout tips?

Hi there. Big fan of the content on youtube. I just got an Akai mpk mini, which I have a specific use case for. I’d also like to do some finger drumming on it.

I’m aware that a 4x4 layout is more optimal, but I don’t intend to do complex drumming on the Akai. I might buy a 4x4 later on.

Do you have any tips for the drum layout on a 4x2 grid that is good/optimal but also makes me learn a layout that I can relate to if/when I upgrade to a 4x4?

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Hi @jangeisler, if you are thinking using the course material on the Quest for Groove website I have a feeling that you are going to need to invest earlier than you probably want to. All the pad layouts that I have seen are based on a 4 x 4 pad controller or larger. Also, I would doubt that the Akai Mini will be responsive enough for finger druming. The best person really to answer this is the producer of the courses @Robert_Mathijs, he will be able to confirm or advise how that might work for you. The MPK218 is probably the cheapest on the market at around $75, if like me you are restricted on budget, this might be a way forward.


Ok, so I have a lesson about other pads than 4x4 in the beginner course actually.

You do need an account and you have to log in, but there you should find everything you need.

And just to save you some time here’s two screenshots of the 4x2 and 2x4 suggestions!


Thank you very much, I’ll check that out :slight_smile:

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Hi. I recomend using pad layout which Robert_Mathijs offer with slight difference

Since you a beginner i think you don’t need any Tom’s. Instead go for a Ride cymbol and swich it for your dominant hand, cause all the fills you can do on snare and kick. Hope it helps


Helps a lot, thanks :slight_smile:

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and if you have a pad with keyboard as the akai, you can map the toms and some other sounds in the keyboard. It’s easy to make a fill with just toms like that.

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