Yamaha FGDP-50 and FGDP-30

Here’s a little video of me jamming with the FGDP-50. Just using the speaker onboard, onboard sounds, on battery power: https://youtu.be/g-imEmf3jsI

My first impression is that it’s a very playable device and that it’s amazing that you can jam on it standalone like this.

The pads are sensitive, but not as sensitive as my Maschine mk3. Moeller technique on the hi hat is not perfect. The onboard sounds are also not on par with something like Addictive Drums so ghost notes on the snare or other subtle things are hard to make sound right.

But… that’s onboard standalone sounds. So I’m not complaining. Using it as a midi controller with Addictive Drums worked fine and I immediately could play some tasty stuff that way as well.

So yeah. Good first impression. FGDP-30 I will check out next.